RRD Unveils AI-Driven Voice Assistant Delivery Solution to Transform Client Business Communications


Innovative technology leverages RRD’s newly patented Digital Content Delivery (DC+) platform to provide a new digital channel for business content delivery

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of marketing and business communications, today announced a new voice assistant delivery solution that allows clients to interact with their business communications across voice-enabled devices like Alexa and Google Home. This new capability leverages RRD’s patented DC+ technology to easily integrate with clients’ existing business communications platforms. It provides ease-of-use for customers that leads to increased e-adoption rates and facilitates more efficient, interactive communications.

Developed by RRD’s Business Communications Solutions (BCS) business, the voice assistant delivery offering provides customers with the ability to:

  • Access statement content via smart-devices such as speakers, monitors, phones, and more
  • Connect with human-like service representatives to answer questions
  • Participate in self-service customer service
  • Compare transaction-level activity by month, quarter, and year
  • Set reminders across all smart devices
  • Learn how to reduce bills
  • Retrieve status updates
  • Engage with opt-in solutions and offerings

“We are continually seeking new and innovative solutions that will help our clients build brand loyalty and strengthen the bonds that they have with their customers,” said John Pecaric, President of RRD Business Services. “With our new voice assistant delivery solution, we are providing a new way for our clients to customize the content and delivery of their messages to meet the ever-evolving preferences of their customers. In today’s environment, that means providing customers with access to important information like bills and statements in the most seamless way possible – through a direct conversation with the smart devices already in their homes.”

This AI-driven voice assistant delivery solution comes on the heels of RRD’s SuperDoc web enhancement capability. SuperDoc is another digital delivery channel that leverages RRD’s DC+ technology to provide customers with access to transaction-level content in order to power unique applications and services. SuperDoc, which was announced last April, acts as a secure website add-on that embeds customer-facing PDF statements, bills, policies, letters, and other transactional communications with entirely new dimensions of interactivity.

To learn more about RRD’s voice assistant delivery solution, visit www.rrd.com/voiceassistants.

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