RRD Enables Safer, NFC/QRC-Powered Interactions with New Touchless World™ Solution


Embedded Tags Bring Rich User Experiences to Life with Scannable, Contactless Options

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of marketing and business communications, today introduced Touchless World by RRD, a comprehensive set of solutions that leverage the power of dynamic, strategically located, scannable smart tags designed for smartphone engagement.

According to a recent consumer survey from the Shekel Group, 87% of consumers prefer shopping in stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the virus went global, contactless options were expected to grow by 200% by 2025. RRD’s Touchless World solutions are designed to make consumers feel safe throughout the entire shopping experience, up to and including payments. With Touchless World by RRD, every brand touchpoint can be contactless — and capable of activating powerful data, delivering contextual, personalized messaging.

Enhanced with NFC, QRC, or other 2D/3D code technology, these scannable smart tags become powerful when RRD expertly integrates them with labels, retail signage, commercial print, packaging, forms, and direct mail. After a quick scan using a smartphone, dynamic content is delivered to the end-user. In addition, RRD provides content development, campaign management, and data analytics services required to bring these customer interactions to life.

“When you take into account the two billion NFC-enabled devices that are in use today, and you combine that figure with RRD’s unique capability to incorporate Touchless World technology into existing products, there are endless opportunities for our clients to leverage,” said Ken O’Brien, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, RRD. “We can deploy this comprehensive solution to address consumer concerns and provide clients with a real-time source of valuable data on customer behavior.”

Designed to make consumers feel safer in the near term, Touchless World solutions are also a critical driver for the creation of new marketing and commerce ecosystems for RRD clients. This technology is paving the way for cutting-edge customer engagement strategies, required as businesses adapt to the “new normal” of consumer expectations in 2020 and beyond.

To learn more about Touchless World by RRD, visit rrd.com/touchless.

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Katie O’Rourke
Manager, RRD Corporate Communications

Source: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company