RRD Introduces New Managed Service that Helps Enterprises Achieve Business Goals Instead of Checking Off Transactional Tasks


The solution, RRD CATCH, allows clients to focus on core competencies and high-level strategic work by offloading time-consuming tasks

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications, today introduced its latest solution to help customers achieve their business goals and boost productivity: RRD CATCH. This customizable managed service offering is designed to help enterprises reallocate time-consuming tasks — including research, analysis, transcription, travel and expense management, presentation design, appointment scheduling and more — so in-house knowledge workers can focus on higher-level strategic work.

Client studies suggest as much as 40% of the average knowledge worker’s week comprises transactional tasks not linked to their expertise. This suboptimal resource utilization results in costly inefficiencies and missed business opportunities. RRD CATCH acts as a force multiplier for an enterprise’s staff by connecting organizations with administrative, technology and creative support as needed to help reclaim knowledge workers’ time and ensure their expertise is being applied to the right tasks.

“Traditional outsourcing models have not evolved to meet the needs of the modern workplace, resulting in highly variable and unpredictable support options in the best cases, and ineffective customer service and poor project quality in the worst cases,” said Andrew Lewkowicz, Senior Vice President of Business Development. “To solve this challenge, RRD CATCH is a simple way for a business to extend its workforce and meet today’s increasing productivity demand by leveraging RRD’s deep pool of global talent and diverse resources.”

RRD CATCH’s features include onsite administrative concierge service for high-touch projects and tasks; 24/7 support for high-volume, low-complexity transactional work; and on-demand access to a wide range of skilled support functions, including document design and production, creative design, application development, secondary research, data visualization and spreadsheet tasks. The solution can accommodate virtually any need on demand, regardless of location or time constraints, helping enterprises get work done faster and for less; potential cost savings on labor spend optimization can be up to 50%.

“Every enterprise is unique, and the solutions that help them recapture efficiencies and boost productivity shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, either,” Amardeep Devadason, Senior Vice President, Operations said. “While RRD CATCH helps meet goals common to every modern organization — like increasing speed to market, creating convenience, and paving the road to scaling — it’s also a fully customizable solution that is designed around the specific productivity outcomes a business wants to achieve.”

To learn more about RRD CATCH, visit: rrd.com/catch

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