RRD Introduces a Retail Insights Solution that Transforms Data into Results


In-Store Insights maximizes the business potential of a store through a holistic set of services that combine strategy, execution, data science and research

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications, today launched In-Store Insights, an end-to-end consultative solution that enables retailers to make faster, smarter decisions that improve their store performance. The new solution blends RRD’s deep expertise in shopper experience research, data analytics, in-store strategy and retail activations.

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to stay relevant and profitable within their physical stores, which still account for about 90% of all North American retail sales. When done right, in-store promotional tactics — like eye-catching digital and printed signage, rotating end-caps and experiential design — can effectively capture shoppers’ attention and wallets. However, lack of meaningful, accurate data makes it challenging for retailers to understand where, when and how to focus in-store marketing efforts.

“How can I increase gift card sales? Should I invest in drive-through signage? Are 3D displays effective?” To address these types of physical considerations, In-Store Insights offers two separate, but complementary services that help retailers maximize the potential of a physical store, from initial insights and strategy through implementation and refinement:

  • The Current State Assessment provides foundational insights about shoppers, products, markets and signage. It is a customized study that analyzes retailers’ current in-store performance and a shopper’s experience, and provides strategic recommendations on key areas to improve with an actionable, data-driven roadmap.
  • The Store Optimization Testing uses in-store assessment data to reimagine and measure the effectiveness of future initiatives. It includes innovative design of future strategies and tactics, and a formal, analytically-based plan detailing how to execute and measure their impact on in-store sales.

In-Store Insights was developed based on proven methodologies that deliver a systematic, scalable and measurable approach that can be customized to the business needs of every retailer.

“The best retailers are constantly pushing to make their in-store marketing efforts more effective by understanding what’s working — and what’s not — using credible and actionable data,” said Toni Thompson, President, RRD Retail Solutions. “In-Store Insights unifies RRD’s numerous retail capabilities into an optimized offering that takes the guesswork out of merchandising, promotions, physical displays or technologies and gives retailers the confidence of knowing how, when and where they are reaching their customers.”

To learn more about RRD’s In-Store Insights solution, visit rrd.com/ISI.

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