Universities Can Create a Safe Return to Campus This Fall with RRD’s Experience-Led Communications Solution


In response to COVID-19, new higher-ed care package places emphasis on a touchless experience to cover all critical communication touchpoints on campus

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of marketing and business communications, today introduced an integrated, comprehensive solution in response to COVID-19 for universities and colleges that ensures a safe, in-person return to school for students, faculty, and staff.

According to research from RNL, 78% of incoming college freshmen are concerned the impact of COVID-19 will not allow them to have a traditional new student experience. Additionally, 76% are concerned that attending college will increase the likelihood of contracting COVID-19.

To ease concerns and contribute to the health and safety of both students and staff, RRD has mobilized its expert resources to offer institutions of higher education a custom-built care package of solutions composed of:

  • Touchless communications – connecting digital interactions (e.g., payments, registrations, and ticketing) with labels and/or physical signage via Near-Field Communication (NFC) and/or QR-Code (QRC) technologies to accommodate demand for contactless engagement
  • Custom program support – from integrated email and direct mail campaigns to multichannel billing and payment systems
  • Signage and wayfinding – production and distribution of high-quality signage and customized graphics for all campus facilities and spaces
  • Wellness and safety materials – industry-standard safety materials (e.g., face shields, thermastrips, and customized experience kits) for students, visitors, and staff

“As positive cases of COVID-19 surge in a growing number of cities and states across the U.S., it’s understandable that college students feel uneasy about heading back to school this fall,” said Doug Ryan, President, RRD Marketing Solutions. “Universities have a responsibility now and throughout the school year to take extra steps that have proven to slow the spread of the virus — and this solution makes it possible to do that without sacrificing the sense of on-campus community.”

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Helen Grove
Vice President, RRD Corporate Communications

Source: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company