When Every Hour Counts, RRD’s End-to-End Printed Mail Solution Helps Organizations Send Business-Critical Customer Communications Faster


QuickLetter by RRD accelerates turnaround times for time-sensitive mailings while ensuring accuracy and reducing costs

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications, today launched QuickLetter by RRD, a faster, more seamless way for organizations to create and distribute business-critical printed mail communications to their customers.

QuickLetter removes the high overhead costs, labor- and time-intensive manual processes, and potentially inconsistent customer experiences that can result from a business using in-house resources to send time-sensitive mailings. By providing an intuitive set of software tools to generate personalized communications at scale, QuickLetter helps businesses achieve faster turnaround times for important mailings while reducing costs.

The solution integrates into a company’s existing processes — often working within standardized templates that have been previously approved by compliance and legal departments — while using RRD’s proprietary software solutions and in-house resources for a rapid, modularized approach to letter composition and operational production.

“Because RRD has all resources — software, hardware, print and distribution — under one roof, including a best-in-class communications management platform and automation tool, we can offer businesses a complete, end-to-end solution,” said Elif Sagsen-Ercel, President, RRD Business Communications Solutions. “When critical communications require rapid turnaround, QuickLetter compresses the time necessary to formulate the content and set up the template, which means the mailings can get into the U.S. Postal Service’s distribution system within hours instead of days.”

Ideal for industries like financial services, healthcare, insurance and mortgage lending, QuickLetter also enhances the accuracy of correspondence — a critical requirement for formal compliance, operational, and crisis communications.

“Communications with customers must offer a consistent brand experience across all channels, even for high-volume, time-sensitive messages,” said Lynne Andrews, Vice President of Product Development, RRD Business Communications Solutions. “RRD’s commitment to compliance, security, and quality — reinforced by our industry-standard protocols and accreditations — helps organizations create personalized templates that accurately get the message to customers while meeting brand standards.”

Other features include: a dedicated expert support team at RRD, reduced mailing expenses via presorting and postal optimization, increased transparency, mailing address hygiene, trackability, flexibility to make changes in near-real time and legacy system compatibility.

For more information, visit rrd.com/quickletter.

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Meagan Meldrim
Finn Partners (for RRD)

Source: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company